Creating A Strong Dissertation Proposal: Simple Tips For University Students

A dissertation is another word for a thesis. It is a formal writing on a topic in great details with a view to cover all points possible. It is submitted for both academic as well as business purposes. It is one of the most difficult papers to work on and until it is approved by the university the respective student cannot graduate with his degree. It requires intensive research work and the purpose behind it is to make the student familiar with the given topic in detail and to increase his knowledge in that particular field.

The dissertation proposal requires various important elements which include:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Method
  • Literature review
  • Limitations and constraints
  • Scope
  • Resources
  • Section outlines
  • Timetable
  • References or bibliography

The sole purpose of preparing a proposal for a dissertation or thesis is to provide the student an opportunity to present his report to a group of Ph.D. statisticians. The student should include in his proposals the following points:

  • What is proposed to be studied
  • Why is the chosen topic the research problem
  • How the student will propose his research
  • When will the research work be complete

One very important point to be kept in mind is that, research results are not supposed to be mentioned in the report. It is just a statement of intent. After the presentation of this dissertation proposal, the committee generally interrogates the student and recommends any changes for improvements if required for further continuation with the research.

If a student successfully manages to defend his proposal then he receives the approval of the committee and can move forward with his objectives. The defence in this case generally involves the student trying to convince the committee that he is capable of completing his research and all the related tasks. Such convincing often requires a demonstration of:

  • Statistical knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Focus

Some popular dissertation topics covered nowadays are:

  • Pros and cons of an international merger
  • Development of business strategies for international market expansion
  • Risks and benefits of allowing FDI
  • Key points to a successful vendor relationship
  • Is global expansion the need of the hour?
  • Branding with its competitive advantage over other techniques
  • Business process reengineering in the airline industry

Along with the tips mentioned here, you will be glad to note that there are several other ways of creating a dissertation proposal.

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