Doctoral Dissertation Defense: 5 Tips To Help You Get Ready

It takes a lot of vision, exigency; labor and strategy to complete a dissertation. However, you feel wholesome once you do that, typically when you can visualize a stout defense of the avenues you have selected.

Now, in order to present the research paper, you will have to prepare the defense. You need to take care of certain pointers to ensure skillful returns –

  1. Picking emphatic points – You should be assured of the points you have selected to augment your defense. These points should celebrate your defense, not weaken it at the core. Thus, you have to be very careful in choosing them.
  2. The road not taken – Whether it is topic you have chosen or the methodology you have conducted, you should have prominent reasons at hand why you didn’t go for the alternative. They may not have been viable, tenable or feasible. They might not have resulted in a crisp conclusion.
  3. The standing motif – There should be one emergent pint which, in a sense, defines your whole labor and outcome. This stands as the raison d'être of your paper and should be pervasive through its effects. You should manipulate and maneuver it to your advantage.
  4. Fluency of presentation – You should pick a style that is eminently relatable and presentable. You should not create obstacles and complicated diaphragms which may turn to confuse you in the middle of the presentation. This is necessary when you blurt it out, even if anything may pass in writing.
  5. A strong call to action – Your paper should be forward-deployed; ready to assert a solution. This wars readers and listeners like nothing else. You should urge them to take a path and revel in the destination. This largely depends on the crux of your paper and so you have to labor right from the beginning.

Prepare in right earnest

You should practice the dissertation presentation in front of a mirror or in front of a group of people to gain confidence. You should scope the points in a sequential order, taking care that the strongest and most evocative points are placed at the beginning.

You should also create sliders that are not too bogged by details. The script should be pleasing to the eye and should have proper font and background. You should practice syncopation, allowing listeners to breathe in and out and relax. Actually, it comes easy to seasoned orators but you can always serve it well provided you put in earnest practice.

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