Writing A Law Thesis: A Comprehensive Guide For Students

After years of all night study sessions and tedious classes, students have one last hurdle before they finish law school: the law thesis paper. To graduate, students must turn in a unique, well-researched dissertation. To get started on this writing assignment, students should use the following ideas.

Prepare for Research

In the beginning, students should look for any research that they feel is relevant for their paper. As they read, they will be able to narrow the list of their sources down to books that are truly relevant for their thesis. To save time, students should try to read only the things that are actually related to their argument. One of the ways to find sources is to start by looking at another author's bibliography. If the book was written about a similar topic, students can use the author's bibliography as a starting point or their research.


At first, the amount of research will seem daunting. There are thousands and thousands of books about law, and finding the right research takes time. Even when the student is completely overwhelmed, they need to just relax and keep forging ahead. As time progresses, students will be able to sort out the materials that are actually relevant. At some point, the student will have to stop researching and actually start writing the paper.

Sum it Up in Ten Lines

If the student cannot sum up their topic in ten lines, they need to narrow the subject down more. A dissertation is extensive, but it should still be possible to make an abstract in just ten lines. Before writing the thesis paper, the student should create their abstract. This will provide the student with a clear idea of what they will be writing and will help them to focus in on their subject.

Ask for Help

Law professors were once students too, so they are extremely familiar with dissertation writing. In general, students will be able to go to their academic adviser with their questions. For more ideas and unique feedback, the student can hound their other lecturers. By getting more advice, the student can make the writing process a little easier.

Do Footnotes Early

To save time later on, students should create their footnotes as they write. If they save this task for the end, they will discover that they have lost some of their sources. At the very least, writing the footnotes all at once will takes hours to complete.

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