Write Strong Dissertations

One of the most difficult assignments in school is the dissertation. After years of studying, the dissertation is the capstone project for the student's academic career. This paper typically consists of 100 pages or more. Bound like a book, it contains years of research and innumerable hours of research. To pull this assignment off without a hitch, students have to be prepared and have a plan for tackling their writing project.

Work With Friends

The prospect of spending Saturday and Sunday in the library is depressing during the pleasant months of summer. To make writing and researching a little more enjoyable, students should consider creating a study group. Members of this group can help each other edit their writing, conduct research or work through writer's block. At the very least, a study group will give the student a source of silent companionship during long hours of researching their topic.

Look at the Big Picture

After months of looking at the smaller details, students become engrossed in the nitty-gritty minutia of their writing. At some point, each student needs to step back and look at the bigger picture. They must consider how their writing will help the broader academic field. By remembering the big picture, students can get excited about writing again. Their dissertation may help further their career or assist in an amazing new discovery. Whatever the motivation is, students should make sure that they remind themselves about why they started writing in the first place.

Get Help

Stoic, can-do attitudes are great, but everyone needs help at some point. Instead of battling through alone, students should reach out to their academic adviser. Each professor once had to write a dissertation as well. They are familiar with common research issues, and they are more than willing to help their students. Instead of remaining stuck with an insurmountable problem, students should make sure that they reach out to their academic adviser for help.

Read Through Examples

Very few students have read through a dissertation before they have to write one. Most magazines, newspapers and books do not print this type of writing. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for students to grasp exactly how the writing process works. To gain a better understanding of doctoral writing, students should read through several example dissertations. By doing this, the student can quickly understand the type of argument, writing style and research that will be required of their own paper.

Set a Daily Time for Writing

Human beings are creatures of habit. If students make writing their paper a daily ritual, they will make the writing process much easier. Once writing is a habit, the student will automatically start to write. Instead of wasting time by procrastinating or getting stuck with writer's block, the student will be able to work productively toward their end goal. Making writing a habit is not a simple thing to do, but it is worth the effort.

Design an Outline

To get a head start on writing, students should create an outline for their essay. They should start by writing out the introduction and the thesis statement. Afterward, they should start to list the points that must be made to complete the argument. Most of these points will later be turned into the paragraphs of the paper. Students can list sources or quotations under each topic sentence to speed up the writing process later on.

With an outline, the student can reorganize their thoughts and the order of their essay easily. Some students like to list each topic sentence on a sticky note and placing it on the wall. This technique is great for writing because it allows the student to instantly change the order of the paper if they need to.


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