Choosing A Title For A Dissertation In Astronomy: 6 Helpful Pieces Of Advice

Stars are fascinating for everyone. Many children spent hours looking at the sky, trying to guess what is in the unknown. This is why astronomy courses are so loved by students; there is always something interesting to find out. Even so, we can not deny the fact that astronomy is one of the most difficult subjects that you will study in college, and making your dissertation on this subject can be a real challenge. Finding a title is the most important step, so here are a few examples of good ones:

  • Stars. It might seem simple, but you will discover that you have to make a lot of research before you can create a good dissertation about stars. You have to talk about their origin, composition, shape and so on. Also, you can mention some of the myths related to stars to make your project more interesting.
  • Planets. The advantage of this subject is that you can easily find information and pictures to integrate in your dissertation. Besides, everyone knows something about planets and they will always be interested to find out even more.
  • Traveling in space. Every child dreamed about being an astronaut. To visit the space is truly fascinating, and not many people have the privilege to do this. Try to discuss with an astronaut and find out more about this experience. What does it feel like? What impressed him the most?
  • Galaxies. Years ago, scientists thought that we are the only galaxy. However, as the time passed the science evolved, and now we know that there are millions of galaxies. This makes the universe bigger than we could ever imagine. Make sure that you explain in your dissertation what a galaxy really is, because not all of your classmates know.
  • The solar system. This is one of the easiest titles that you can use. You have to talk about the planets and stars that are in the solar system. Also, don’t forget to discuss about the sun and why all these planets move around it.
  • Man made satellites. As you know, the Moon is the natural satellite of Earth, but there are many man-made ones. These are supposed to facilitate the communication between continents, as well as the gathering of information about weather, climate, possible natural disasters and so on. Give some examples and integrate some pictures in your dissertation.

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