Searching For Well-Written Dissertation Abstracts On Education

If you are writing a dissertation or doing research you are going to have to learn to write a good abstract. The abstract is basically a summary of your paper that includes all of the sections such as methodology, results, and discussion. It is typically only a couple hundred words long, so it must be concise and comprehensive at the same time. One of the best ways to learn to write a good abstract is to use other abstracts as examples or samples to work from. When you do find a good abstract there are a few things that you should notice about it: how is it structured, what kind of tone is the writing, what information does it include and what does it exclude. Noting all these things about example abstracts can help you to learn to write a great one.

So where can you find a good abstract on education to use as an example?

  • Your library
  • The first place to check is your library. Most universities keep an archive of all the graduate papers that have been written there. In some cases these are as physical bound copies, an in other cases they are electronic resources. You should be able to search the archive to find ones on education, and even on the more specific topic that you are focusing on. If you look for abstract example here, be sure to try to find the most recent ones possible, and if you are able to, find ones from students with the same advisors as you.

  • Journals
  • Another place where you can find good abstracts you use as examples is in journals. First, you should pick an education journal that is relevant to your research. Next, skim through a few of the issues to look at the abstracts of the papers. Not only will they likely be well written abstracts, but because there is a good chance you will try to publish part of your dissertation, it will also be getting you ready for that.

  • Dissertation databases
  • If you aren’t able to find good and relevant abstracts in your own library, and you want to find abstracts from other PhD students, try searching some dissertation and thesis databases. They will have graduate papers from students from around the world and all different kinds of universities. By searching by topic you can likely find many papers that are relevant to your research.

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