Expert Advice On How To Keep Calm And Survive A Dissertation Defense

The dissertation is one of the most significant events in the life of a student, making this task one of the most demanding and challenging ones to overcome before they receive their diploma. The idea is simple, a student is required to select a topic, formulate a hypothesis and a course of action, then proceed to execute it. In the end, they must submit a well written paper to their board of educators for examination.

As an academic practice, the dissertation is the reason why many students fail their final year. However, failing is not as simple as receiving poor marks, instead, students are expected to defend the contents of their dissertation. This can be a trying process, yet, almost 50% of students must win a dissertation defense, before they can complete their final year. The following points will help you prepare for this defense, so you can maintain a calm and peaceful stance as your present your case:

  1. Select a compelling topic
  2. By choosing a compelling topic, you can win your readers over simply because of their personal interest in your topic. By peaking your reader’s interest, they are more likely to favor your content rather than reject it.

  3. Prepare a practical hypothesis
  4. While you most definitely wish to impress, do not go out of your way to make the task to hard on yourself. When composing your thesis, make it a practical one that you posses the means to work with. This will help with the accuracy of your analysis, as well as the data you collect.

  5. Conduct good work
  6. Familiarize yourself with the accepted practices used by researchers in your field, be sure to always adhere to these guidelines and your results will reflect this. Do not cut any corners when conducting your research, your examiners are likely to be experienced researchers themselves and will not miss this.

  7. Attend the defense of another student
  8. By attending the defense of someone else, you will know what to expect at your own. More importantly, you will also become more aware of what you need to include in your own paper, quite possibly negating the need to attend a defense at all.

  9. Critically analyze your own work
  10. This may be difficult to accomplish on your own so I suggest you have a friend assist you. By having someone, or a few, qualified people critique your paper, you can eliminate most errors before you submit.

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