What Is The Social Science Dissertation Format: A Brief Study Manual

Social sciences are interesting for most of the students; they have the chance to find out more about the society around them. Besides, they don’t have to make too much research; they can just observe the behavior of other people. If you are planning to make your dissertation on this subject, you will be successful without too much effort. An important aspect of this is the format of the dissertation. Many students neglect it, and they destroy all their hard work. To prevent this, follow this brief study manual:

  • Find out what are the requirements of your professor. You are completing your dissertation under the supervision of a teacher, so you have to ask him what he expects from you. There are many optional elements that can be obligatory from his point of view. Once you know all this, you can move on.
  • Decide how many chapters you want to have. It’s important to know how long your composition will be, so you can choose a proper format for it. The APA style is extremely common among students, but it can not be used if your dissertation is extremely long. To help you find out exactly how many chapters you will have, build an outline.
  • Create a title page. This is not obligatory in general, but it will make your dissertation look professional. You obtain a title page by writing the title, your name and the name of your professor on a separate page. If you want, you can use a bigger font but it needs to be in the same style.
  • Leave space between the paragraphs. After you finish writing and you edit the entire dissertation, make sure that you leave enough space between the paragraphs and at the edge of the paper. The requirements are different, so you should ask your professor specifically about this.
  • Add a references page. It’s not obligatory, but it will make your composition look complete. Instead of wasting time in your dissertation and writing the name and author of every book that you mention, gather all the titles on a separate page. Put them in a list so anyone can find them easily.
  • Write the number of each page in the corner. It’s a small detail that can make the difference in front of your professors.

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