The 14 Best Dissertation Topics On Physiotherapy

A dissertation or a thesis is an academic piece of writing about a specific topic. Every graduate or postgraduate student will have to prepare one research paper at any stage of his academic career. The results, findings and conclusions are documented and written into the final paper. This paper will have a huge influence on your final grades. Hence, never ignore dissertation papers.

Choosing a topic

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is as important as writing the dissertation. There are plenty of topics available; hence choosing one from these many topics is extremely tough. Before choosing the topic, write down the potential ideas beforehand. If you are a physiotherapy student, write down the major topics from the area of study, you feel confident. Select a topic among these, which you feel comfortable. Availability of content is also crucial while selecting topics.

Physiotherapy career

The physiotherapy career is a health care profession which mainly deals with disorders in movements of the body after some illness or accidents. This treatment is comparatively cheaper and effective than traditional medication. The person who performs physiotherapy is called as a physical therapist. A career in this field broad and has many classifications. Psychological illness, physical rehabilitation, occupational health, and care for the aging are some of the classifications of this career. A career in this field generally combines understanding, expertise and methodology to handle certain physical problems of the patient.

Best dissertation topics on physiotherapy

There are numerous topics available on this topic. Here are some of the major topics, which should be discussed.

  • Can exercise programs reduce the number of falls among senior citizens?
  • The role physiotherapy to control paediatric obesity.
  • Neuromuscular effects of joint mobilizations.
  • The efficiency of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy for joint disorders.
  • How to heal acute pain with the help of meditation.
  • How inspirational interviews meant for patients with acute diseases can prove to be effective.
  • Comparison of pharmaceuticals and physiotherapy for treating the urinary incontinence of females.
  • How to get reduce of the symptoms of arthritis in patients between the age group of fifty to sixty five years with the help of yoga.
  • Role of strength training in patients with cerebral palsy (both adults & kids)
  • The diagnostic validity of passive accessory intervertebral movements.
  • The effects of exercise on depression in older adults.
  • The effects of physiotherapy in children with developmental coordination disorder.
  • Effects of strengthening and aerobic exercise on individuals who got Down syndrome.

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