Research Methods For Writing A Thesis On Cultural Studies

A thesis on cultural studies may fall under the broader category of social sciences. This field has unique research methodologies that determine the outcome of your work and your overall score. While most of your research is likely to be based in the library, it must be based on a society or culture. This means going out to the field and talking to people or observing their lives. Here are some of the approved research methods you can use to gather information for your thesis on cultural studies.

Quantitative Method

This method requires you to gather information and data from the field for analysis. It heavily relies on numerical information that can be quantified from the field. This means that you will have to produce questionnaires, distribute them to your respondents and later retrieve them. With the assistance of a data analyst, you are required to make sense of this information and make inferences. Any conclusion made must be supported by information from the field.

Qualitative Method

This is one of the commonest methods in the field of humanities. It involves surveys and observation of your subject of interest. Your conclusion or inferences are based on what you see and what it told. This is a highly opinionated method. This information can not be verified and inferences made might be considered biased. However, it is very useful to use observation and interviews since all aspects of your research cannot be tabulated into data.

Regressive Analysis/Correlation

This is a method that involves two variables. It focuses on their relationship and how each performs in relation to the other. In writing a thesis on cultural studies, you might be required to compare two aspects of the same culture or a similar aspect of different cultures. This is the most ideal method to use. An example is where you may compare the influence of aggressive video games to a violent nature in children.

Experimental And Quasi Experimental

Experimental uses positive influence on a particular group to make conclusions for your cultural studies thesis. The positive influence is understood or studied alongside a control group that is not influenced. In the Quasi Experimental method, the control comes in the form of external influence. The control in this case is the presence of an external force.

A thesis on cultural studies may require a combination of research methods. Different aspects of your paper need to be researched through different techniques. This explains the use of different methodologies.

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