Advanced Strategies For Writing A Good Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is a document that you should submit to your committee before your actual paper is completed. Your proposal lets them see what to expect from your project. Each university might have different requirements related to the format and length of a proposal. However, the main purpose and the basic structure of this document should be the same for any educational institution. Below, you may look at the sections that you should include in your proposal.

  1. Dissertation title.
  2. The title in the proposal might differ from the final version, but it should still be clear and to the point.

  3. General objectives.
  4. Present your rationale and describe the goals that you want to achieve by conducting your investigation. Make sure that you don’t have more than three overall objectives.

  5. Literature.
  6. To provide your committee with the background of your topic, you should list the main works of other researchers that you’re going to rely on in your study.

  7. Research details.
  8. You should indicate the exact research question that you’re going to answer in your dissertation. Clearly outline the area of your research.

  9. Methodology.
  10. Describe what activities you’re going to perform in order to achieve your goals and answer your research question. For example, you may conduct interviews, consult archives, and so on.

  11. Potential results.
  12. State what outcomes you expect from your study. Don’t try to guess the exact results of your investigation. If outcomes are obvious, it’s pointless to write a dissertation on such a topic.

  13. Timeframe.
  14. Indicate how much time it’ll take you to complete your study. Use charts or concept maps to make your explanation more illustrative.

  15. Bibliography.
  16. You may be required to include a particular number of references. Consult your professor to know the exact number and follow their instructions.

Keep in mind that you should still consult your instructor and learn whether your university has some individual requirements aside from the ones listed above.

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