Essential Things To Remember During Oral Dissertation Defense

For every student pursuing a Doctorate in a particular subject, the success of their future career depends on their dissertation. Their dissertation is viewed by their professors as well as by the public and other journal or publication authorities as well sometimes. A large and very important chunk of this dissertation depends on the oral defense prepared by the student to support his or her thesis. The stronger the oral defense, the more effective the theoretical dissertation.

For the oral dissertation defense to be on point, it is expected that the student is absolutely in sync with the theoretical portion of his or her dissertation. For this, the student needs to know:

  • all the contents that had been included in the dissertation, especially the thesis statement,
  • reasons for selecting that particular hypothesis,
  • method of research,
  • choice of technique,
  • findings, and
  • Probable justified explanation of the findings.

The next thing that must be kept in mind while preparing for the oral paper defense is the strength and weaknesses of the thesis statement. Every good oral paper defense is well aware of both and emphasizes on the strengths to show the significance of the working theory and downplays the weaknesses in a perfectly synchronized and subtle manner. In case a weakness does crop up in the process of oral questioning, a good paper student knows how to manipulate them and effectively subdue them through tactful grounds, such as blaming the limitations of the restricted sample.

Skill focus

The most important and vital point that should be focused on is the confidence and oratory skills of the student. Confidence is a key factor in oral defenses and without it, the entire defense, no matter how strong it is, will crumble and fall flat. The student must have faith in his paper and even if he or she is nervous, the anxiety should not be visible to the person countering the paper. The student should speak formally and sharply stress on his strong suits and not become a bundle of nerves when a probable flaw is detected in the paper.

An oral paper defense is not that hard to ace, actually. If the student is well prepared with the matter and contents of his paper and is confident in his or her abilities, there will most probably be no hindrance to a good oral paper defense.

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