A List Of 24 Good Dissertation Topics In Jewelry

If you choose to advance with your academic studies beyond undergraduate level, crafting term papers and doing field research will be the order of the day as you edge closer to being christened a scholar. Scholars are known for producing practical knowledge through extensive field studies. Scholars are professors who are fundamentally PhD holders in some filed of specialization. Well, are you aspiring to be christened a professor of Jewelry? Jewels denote precious metals and other metallic valuables such as earrings, necklaces, rings and among others. Fashion has over the years become closely linked to jewelry thanks to the rate at which fashion designers continue to integrate jewels with clothing. These days and particularly for ladies, buying a good designer shoes or dress would be incomplete if the accessory lacks some kind of jewels attached to it. To men, adorning of jewels is best pronounced in watches, belts and shoe buckles. Further, it is hard to find ladies handbags which lack some sort of jewels such as zips and handles even if it is silver of gold coated.

With these in mind, writing a dissertation paper on jewels would be easier simply because there is plenty to put down. However, another hurdle arises. When you are assigned a dissertation on jewels, it is not a matter of writing whatever you think. This is an advance level of learning and people will be expecting a problem solving paper or rather, something which addresses a knowledge gap. This post therefore makes this easier by sampling some great term paper topics on jewelry, so take a leap in for more.

  • The world’s precious metals and products made out of them is concentrated only in a few hands, but this does not mean you cannot write about them. To start with, a topic like investigation the cause underlying blood on gold trade in DRC Congo is a good topic that will be sure to earn you good grades.
  • Investigating Diamond trade: W case study of how diamond is mined in Africa, smuggled and trades in the west
  • Who controls the world’s precious metals trade: In investigation into Gold faces
  • How are prices of precious metals determined? A case study of brokerage in the world of precious metals
  • Genuine and fake jewels: A investigation into how to distinguish the fake from original
  • Do jewels impact on economic conditions of a country: How has jewels made DRC Congo poor or rich? Case study of end products

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