Dissertation Topics On Kashmir: 15 Interesting Suggestions

Writing a dissertation on the history of a given people or country is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research and in most cases, frequent travels before you can gather enough and accurate information on which to base your paper. If you have been asked to write an academic paper on Kashmir, then you should start on time and work towards achieving success with your writing. Kashmir is rated among the most enchanting places on this earth, especially with its surroundings of valleys and large mountain ranges. There are so many things that make Kashmir the envy of many countries and states but it has been in turmoil.

In order for you to write an outstanding dissertation on Kashmir, it is important that you take your time to learn more about this beautiful state of India, its people, religious diversities, cultural backgrounds, races and lots more. Listed below are a few interesting suggestions to start writing your paper on Kashmir. They are:

  • The diversity of the people of Kashmir
  • Things you don’t know about Kashmir – A beautiful state of India
  • Kashmir – A paradise besieged
  • Kashmir – In the centre of a territorial conflict
  • The extreme beauty of Kashmir
  • Kashmir – The need for peaceful resolution
  • Analyzing Kashmir’s conflict from a historical perspective
  • Kashmir’s dispute – A structural perspective
  • Closing the gap in assessing the dispute in Kashmir
  • Kashmir – evaluating the intensity level of its conflicts
  • The role of religion in Kashmir’s conflict
  • Kashmir’s conflicts – analyzing the ethnic factors
  • Kashmir – What the war is all about
  • Kashmir’s dispute runs deeper than real estate
  • Kashmir – The dynamics of its hostility

Now you should be grateful that your excuse for procrastinating the writing of your dissertation has been taken care of. Trying to find out about major facts of Kashmir’s history will help you develop more prompts and ideas. For example, the fact that the state is still struggling for independence and how long such struggle has lasted will give you a good idea on what angle to take in writing your paper or making a choice of topic. Yes, if you are able to gather as much information as possible, you will surely be able to write an interesting and informative dissertation on Kashmir. The same technique can be applied to other locations or events. Go ahead and start writing your paper.

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